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First Production UCAs built January 19th 2020

Here are a few pics of the first production UCAs that were built last weekend.  These are 67 and later models and the pair in the background are for 62-65 Falcon and 65/66 Mustang.  Only difference between the two models are the shock tower mounting holes for 67 and later are 4.75" apart vs the mounting holes for early Falcon and Mustang UCAs are 3.75" apart.    

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Adjustable Upper Control Arms coming in January 2020

Upper Control Arms have been designed and will begin production in February 2020.  Follow the following link to our part collections to obtain more information: Adjustable Upper Control Arms  

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3rd Generation Strut Arms are here to stay!

The Strut Arms just keep getting better and better!  For our 3rd Gen Strut Arms, the flat plate LCA body has been replaced with a 1-1/4 diameter thick wall tubular body, brackets for a heim jointed sway bar linkage and adjustable (or removable) steering stop.  The 3rd Gen Strut Arms are stronger and lighter than previous generations.  Adjustment range stays the same.  These fit early Falcon and Ranchero, 65-73 Mustang, 66 and later Fairlane/Comet/Ranchero/Torino and more.  For more information, see the Collections page for you particular model and year or the Parts Compatibility page.

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2nd Gen Integrated Strut Arms are here!

Our Integrated Strut Arms for 65-66 Mustang, 62-65 Comet, 67-73 Mustang and 70-77 Maverick/Comet have been completely re-designed having more adjustability than the old units and also weighing less than the old unit by 15%.  The new Strut Arms can be completely adjusted in-place without any disassembly required.  Strut arm caster adjustment range is +3.5 to -3.5 degrees.  Strut Arm camber adjustment range is +3 to -4 degrees.  The linkage between the LCA portion and Strut Rod portion is no longer a fixed angle.  A heavy duty clevis has been integrated into the Strut Arm so that the clevis angle...

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Rollerized Lower Control Arms for 1966-1977 Ford/Mercury vehicles

We now have rollerized spherical bearing lower control arms for 1966-1977 Ford and Mercury vehicles.  The LCA has also been boxed with a 12 gauge plate to increase stiffness. 1966-1977 Ford and Mercury Rollerized Lower Control Arms  

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