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New Product Prototype is here - Dual Link Lower Control Arm

What do you get when you combine a lower control arm and strut rod...a Strut Arm or ?  We're open to name suggestions so let's hear it! 

Finally, the dual link lower control arm design that we've been working on (when time permitted) for the last 9 months is nearly complete.  This prototype is for 65/66 Mustang and will also fit 62-65 Falcon.  Features will include thick wall DOM tube, 1/4" sway bar link plate, screw in ball joint, Midwest Control Products polyurethane bushing with grease zerk, powder coated and adjustable on both ends for caster and camber!  We have a couple of minor kinks to work out, but we're hoping for production in July 2016.

It's hard to compare this to anything that's out there.  The closest comparison is priced at over $700 and it has fewer features.  Our price will be much much lower.  We would love to hear feedback from you and don't forget your name ideas.  Thanks

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  • Tracy Blackford on

    Dan, There is a place here in Corona called Currie Enterprises. They do some great rear end work on all sorts of cars. I’d check them out. As far as the spindles go, yes you will have to use V8 spindles for the Strut Arms. I hope to put the Strut Arms into production in July or August. I’ve been milling about some changes to the prototype that i’ve got to work out in the next few weeks.

  • Tracy Blackford on

    Going to replace urethane bushing with spherical bearing for smoother operation. Sway bar plate will be 3/16" as 1/4" was a bit overkill. Total weight is just over 8 lbs…about 4 lbs of weight savings per side.

  • dan on

    do you know where i can get differential gears for a 7.5 rear end for my 65 mustang? i want a set of 3.73 limited slip if i can get them.

  • dan on

    will these fit 6 and 8 cylinder spindles?

  • dan on

    i like the idea. but the price will dictate if i buy them or the other ones. i was just getting ready to buy a set of the other lca’s when i noticed the new prototypes. i will hold off until july to see if they are available. as far as a name, i like what you are calling it. but i think i would add the word (adjustable).

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