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Strut Arms have been installed and tested...success!

Built a second prototype of the dual link lower control arms or Strut Arms.  These units fit 65-66 Mustang and 62-65 Falcon/Comet.  Ended up going with spherical bearings instead of urethane bushings for the inside LCA mount.  The spherical bearing cup threaded shaft is offset below the cup center to provide necessary frame clearance as the Strut Arms travel up and the suspension compresses.  Added steering bumps too.  Ball joints are Moog K772 screw in units torqued to 125 ft-lbs with threadlocker.  Ball joints are replaceable.  Strut rods are the same hardware as used on our adjustable strut rods (SR-1001) except a shorter adjusting tube is used. 

We plan to design and build Strut Arms for 67 and later cars after these are in production.

Took off the old hardware (LCAs and strut rods) as one unit, measured their length and then pre-adjusted the Strut Arms to match. 

Installation of the Strut Arms was simple.  Fitment and clearance was excellent.  One issue arose which was that the edge of the plate was too close to the sway bar so it was notched to provide more clearance...lesson learned for production units. 

Here is a pic of one side installed before notching the plate for the sway bar.  They look and fit great.

Test drive was a success.  Steering and suspension felt great.  The alignment required no adjustment...I got it that close when I pre-adjusted them based on the measurements from the old hardware.  Plan to perform more rigorous tests before i declare complete success.  I hope to have these in production soon.  Planned price is $499 for the pair.  Compared to a competitor that has something similar for over $700 and that aftermarket adjustable lower control arms and adjustable strut rods bought separately would cost much more, these will be a very cost effective alternative providing excellent performance.




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  • tracy blackford on

    More rigorous testing performed last weekend. No issues. Plan to go ahead with production ASAP and hope to have them ready for sale in a few weeks.

  • tracy blackford on

    The lower control arms for a 62-65 Fairlane are fairly unique S shaped LCAs I believe. We don’t have anything currently that is compatible with that model. We’ll look into it further to see if something could be designed that would work. Thanks for your inquiry

  • T Overturf on

    Do you have a set like this for a 62 – 65 Fairlane, the parts look great and there is a need for Fairlane parts.

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