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Upper Control Arms coming this winter!

Well, what should I do now that the 2nd Generation Integrated Strut Arms have been re-designed and successfully debuted?...start working on a new product, Upper Control Arms of course! 

Truth be told, I took a hiatus about a year ago from the business to re-design our adjustable lower control arms and to work on my personal car.  My goal was to design and build a set of prototype adjustable upper control arms for my 65 Mustang Fastback that would have 3 degrees of built in caster and adjustability to allow for tucking the top of the front tires in and away from the fenders...and maybe get a larger tire on the front of the car.  Mustangs tend to have the front wheels closer to the front of the fender opening so a secondary goal was to get the wheel closer to centered in the wheel well. 

Let me say that there were several lessons learned along the way, but the results were gratifying.  The car now has 100% PTP Engineering front suspension (except of spring perches and coil springs) and 255 wide tires are on all 4 corners.  Not only did 255s fit on the front, but they no longer rub at all even while making sharp turns in parking lots (unlike the previous 225s that were on the front before).  Final alignment specs were 4 degrees of caster and -1 degree of camber.  Toe in of -1/16 to -1.8.

So over the next few months i'll be incorporating lessons learned into 65-66 Mustang and 62-65 Falcon/Comet Upper Control Arms and perfecting the design and be ready for production sometime this winter so stay tuned!  Upper Control Arms for 67 and later vehicles will follow soon thereafter. 

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