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1962-1965 Falcon/Comet Do-It-Yourself Adjustable Strut Rod Kit (one pair), SR-DIY-1001

$ 149.00

Build-to-order purchases being taken at this time.  Please allow up to 7 or 8 days for us to build your parts and to get them powder coated before shipping.  We will notify you by email when your parts are nearing completion.

As an alternative to purchasing our complete adjustable strut rod assemblies, these cost effective DIY adjustable strut rod kits are now offered by PTP Engineering.

Standard adjustment range > +/- 4 degrees of caster (custom adjustment range available). 

This kit supplies everything you need to build high performance adjustable strut rods from your stock units (5/8-18 die and die handle not included).  These are high strength adjustable strut rods that eliminate the problematic stock rubber bushings.  These strut rods will maintain wheel alignment under all driving conditions...a must for optimum handling. 

Built in the USA using high quality steel and Teflon lined high-strength rod ends.  Double shear steel clevis tension tested to over 13,000 lbs of applied load per rod (26,000 lbs total)...more than you'll ever need. 

Durable anodized, chrome and semi-gloss black powder coat finish.  

Your stock strut rods are required for modification.

Installation Instructions

For best results, a metal lathe is recommended to reduce the strut rod diameter and to thread the strut rod.   An adjustable die handle with rod alignment guides such as Irwin DS-35 (Item 12435) can be used to keep the rod aligned while threading it by hand (5/8-18 UNF threading die also required).  Detailed instructions are included on cutting, reducing and threading your stock strut rods to 5/8-18 UNF thread.  That's it!...install them and you'll notice a handling difference immediately.

With over 30 years of engineering design and steel construction experience, you can be assured that these products have been fully tested and are made to last.  60 day money back guarantee.  Just return the items in undamaged condition if your not satisfied.

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