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1967 Mustang / Cougar Adjustable Strut Rods (one pair), SR-1002

$ 279.00

Built to-order.  Please see our Contacts page to contact us by phone or text or by email regarding this product.

These Adjustable Strut Rods for your 67 Mustang and 67 Cougar are far superior to the old stock strut rods.  They are fully adjustable and mount securely to the car's frame to provide enhanced and smooth suspension control.  No more rubber bushings that result in too much unwanted suspension movement during braking and hard cornering.

Standard adjustment range > +/-4 degrees of caster.  Custom adjustment ranges available upon request.

Installation Instructions

Built in the USA using high quality steel and Teflon lined high-strength rod ends.  3/8" thick high quality laser cut steel lower control arm bracket with integral steering stop and double shear steel clevis.  Strut rods tension tested and proof loaded to over 13,000 lbs of applied load per rod (26,000 lbs total front end strength)...more than you'll ever need.  All Grade 8 mounting hardware and installation instructions are included. 

Durable anodized, chrome and semi-gloss black powder coat finish.  

These are strut rods for the 1967 model year.  1967 Mustang and Cougar had a 4 hole square pattern on the lower control arms versus 1968 and later lower control arms that had a 2 hole pattern.  For 1968 and later strut rods, please see the product page for your model year.

With over 30 years of engineering design and steel construction experience, you can be assured that these products have been fully tested and are made to last.  60 day money back guarantee.  Just return the items in undamaged condition if your not satisfied.

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