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65-66 Mustang and 62-65 Falcon/Comet Heavy Duty Adjustable Lower Control Arms (one pair), LCA-1001

$ 339.00

Built to-order.  Please see our Contacts page to contact us by phone or text or by email regarding this product.

Completely new design.  This new design incorporates 1/2" steel plate, screw in ball joint and best of all...the unit can be adjusted without uninstalling it.  The sway bar linkage hole has been replaced with brackets and a heim jointed sway bar linkage.  These new LCAs are actually lighter than the old design by about 1 lb.  They weigh 7 lbs each.  Adjustment range is -5/8" to +3/4" (+3 to -4 degrees of camber)...more than the old design.

New 65/66 Mustang and 62-65 Falcon Comet Heavy Duty Lower Control Arms with high strength chrome moly self-lubricating rod end, screw in ball joint and turnbuckle for easy adjustment.  

Adjustment range is -5/8" and +3/4" (+3 to -4 degrees camber).  Custom adjustment ranges available upon request.

Vario Centric kits cause bump steer, because when the LCA is moved inwards or outwards in the pivot slot, the steering linkage length has to be changed to restore toe which results in the steering linkage now being a different length than the LCA.  Don't use Vario Centric kits...use these Adjustable LCAs instead.   Bump Steer is not affected by shortening or lengthening the LCA.  The steering linkage must also be shortened or lengthened which maintains the same arc as the LCA and to restore toe.

Save your money and don't bother installing pricey vario-centric camber kits.  If you installed a rack and pinion system on your classic and can't install a vario-centric camber kit, then this is your solution.

Installation Instructions

Features include:

Completely adjustable in-place without any disassembly required.

These LCAs will freely pivot as the suspension travels to improve handling and suspension response unlike stock LCAs which have a hard rubber bushing.

Reduces or eliminates shimming the upper control arm for caster adjustment since the LCA can be angled forward by as much as 14 degrees by adjustable strut rods to increase caster unlike original bushings that bind when angled too far forward.

Reduces or eliminates shimming the upper control arm for camber adjustment

Less shimming of the upper control arm means more room for large front tires inside the fender well.

Overall camber adjustment range+3 to -4 degrees.  Custom adjustment ranges available upon request.

Strut Rod holes (4) are approximately .050 oversize to allow strut rod LCA angle relative to the LCA to change without bind when the strut rod length is adjusted.

Longer sway bar and strut rod bolts provided to compensate for the plate thickness.

Chrome Moly High Strength Rod end with teflon/kevlar self-lubricating insert.

Includes new longer sway bar and strut rod bolts, all spacers, bushings, rod end seals, castle nuts, grease zerks and cotter pins

Comes complete with detailed instructions

Powder coated semi-gloss black

With over 30 years of engineering design and steel construction experience, you can be assured that these products have been fully tested and are made to last.  60 day money back guarantee.  Just return the items in undamaged condition if your not satisfied.

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