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1967 and later Strut Arms (one pair), SA-1002

$ 549.00

Built to-order.  Please see our Contacts page to contact us by phone or text or by email regarding this product.

Our 3rd Generation Strut Arms are here.  The flat plate body has been replaced with a 1-1/4 diameter thick wall tubular body (twice the rigidity of 1" tube)...lighter and stronger than prior generation units.  The Strut Arm is completely adjustable in-place without having to disassemble anything.  Strut Arm weight has been reduced further to 8.5 pounds each.  Brackets have been added for a heim jointed sway bar linkage which is adjustable both vertically and horizontally.  The Steering Stop shown in the product pictures is adjustable and can be removed if not desired. 

New 1967 to 1973 Mustang and 1970 to 1977 Maverick/Comet Integrated Strut Arms. Fits many other Ford and Mercury vehicles.  See Part Compatibility page for vehicle compatibility information.  We've taken a high performance adjustable lower control arm and heavy duty strut rod and integrated them into a fully adjustable, lighter, stronger, lower maintenance and reliable suspension product.

LCA is adjustable in length from -5/8" to +3/4" (+3 to -4 degrees camber).  The strut rod portion is adjustable from +/-3/4" (+/-3.5 degrees caster). Custom adjustment ranges available upon request. 

Bump Steer is not affected by shortening or lengthening the LCA.  The steering linkage must also be shortened or lengthened which maintains the same arc as the LCA and to restore toe.

The link between the LCA and strut rod is an anodized heavy duty 5/8" steel clevis whose angle changes automatically as required during installation and adjustment to completely compensate for LCA and strut rod length changes during alignment.  Once alignment has been performed, the clevis bolt is torqued to specs to lock the clevis in place.  Double shear connection has been proof load tested to over 15,000 lbs.

Installation Instructions

Features include:

Completely adjustable in-place without any disassembly required

High strength1.25 diameter thick wall DOM tubing LCA.  Twice as rigid as 1" tube.  Welded in 3/4-16 tube bung and chrome moly high strength self-lubricating rod end.

Ball joint pivot axis and strut arm axis aligned on the same plane...eliminates lateral stress on the strut arm during braking.

Linkage between the LCA portion and Strut Rod portion are provided by an anodized 5/8" steel clevis.  The clevis bolt is loosened during installation and alignment to allow for the clevis angle to change as necessary as the length of the LCA and/or strut rod portions of the Strut Arm are changed.  Once alignment is completed, the clevis bolt is torqued and the clevis is locked in place.

New K772 screw-in replaceable ball joint.

Strut rod portion and lower control rod inboard end uses a high strength chrome moly rod end with teflon-kevlar race that is self-lubricating and replaceable.

Eliminates the need for installation of vario-centric camber kit.

Works with stock V8 spindles and inline 6 spindles.

The Strut Arms low friction rod ends freely pivot as the suspension travels to improve handling and suspension response unlike stock LCAs which have a hard rubber bushing.

Reduces or eliminates shimming the upper control arm for caster and camber  adjustment since the Strut Arm can be adjusted for up to 3.5 degrees of positive caster (custom caster/camber range available upon request) and -4 degrees of negative camber unlike non-adjustable stock strut rods and original LCA rubber bushings that bind when angled too far forward.

LCA is adjustable in length from -5/8" to +3/4" (+3 to -4 degrees camber).  Custom adjustment range available upon request.

Eliminates the need for shimming the upper control arm for caster/camber adjustment. 

Less shimming of the upper control arm means more room for large front tires inside the fender well.

Strut Arms weigh only 8.5 pounds each.

The adjustable Steering Stop shown in the product pictures can be removed if desired

Includes all hardware including spacers, bushings, castle nuts, K772 ball joint spacers, ball joint boot, grease zerks and cotter pins

Comes complete with detailed assembly and installation instructions.  To keep the shipping box as small as possible and shipping prices as low as possible, some minor assembly will be required prior to installation.

Powder coated semi-gloss black

Similar products sell for much more.  We offer these high quality items for far less.  Replaces two aftermarket suspension parts that separately would cost considerably more than a pair of these integrated Strut Arms.

With over 30 years of engineering design and steel construction experience, you can be assured that these products have been fully tested and are made to last.  60 day money back guarantee.  Just return the items in undamaged condition if your not satisfied.

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